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    I have set up automatic backup of all data from my S8+ to Samsung cloud and used it for a month or so without problems, including backup of contacts which were stored on SIM card. Eventually, my SIM card (with all the stored contacts) broke and I had to replace it with new one (in the same phone). Unfortunatelly, I have accidentally created a backup to Samsung cloud when new SIM card with no contacts was already in the phone, before I have restored data from the cloud, and now I have lost all my contacts.

    Is there any possible way to get to old back ups in Samsung cloud (not latest one - this one includes no contacts)? I am sure that every back up before replacing SIM card had included contacts. Or maybe there is some other way to restore lost contacts (accept data recovery software - I have tried that with no success)?

    I would really appreciate any info on this matter - I have spent hours browsing internet for a solution with no success
    08-16-2017 01:11 PM
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    I had like 500 or 600 contacts, both business and personal. I just cant belive that all of them are lost, even though I had automatic backup.

    There is something really wrong with Samsung cloud, you can not access your own data accept from mobile and even then you are very restricted in choices what you can do with those data. I just cant accept that there is not something like cloud recycle bin for old backups. Does anyone know anything about this - logic tells me that there has to be some kind of more permanent storage for uploaded data even after delete and that someone should have access to those data, some kind of administrator or superuser?
    08-17-2017 01:28 PM

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