1. Florida Guy's Avatar
    My sister bought a Galaxy S8 at Costco today.
    They had a tablet at the kiosk that played a commercial for a liquid glass coating that you rub onto the glass.
    The salesgirl asked me if I had a key, and I said yes. She said try to scratch the screen (of the tablet) and I tried very hard, and it didn't leave a mark... nothing. On the video, they show a guy hitting a phone with a hammer a bunch of times and nothing happens. She said it costs $40 and comes with a clear plastic type case, and she will apply the coating. To me, the video sold me. She put it on the front and also the back of the phone, and
    I asked if she would then coat my S7 edge, which she did. I never use a screen protector. This stuff is obviously invisible, and it has a guarantee.
    Costco has the S8 on sale for about another week, with a $300 Costco cash card rebate, or $250 if you decide to take the cordless charger, but we have them, so took the $300 deal. Then, headed over to Verizon website to see how much they would allow for a trade-in on her note5... $200!!! Woo-hoo! The $200 is taken off your bill each month. Filled out the form online, and they are sending a box to mail the phone back.
    Also came with a Tylt accessory bag with car charger and some other stuff.
    I've always thought Costco is the best place to buy a phone, and have bough them there for many years.
    I think the phone was $700+ which is paid off in 24 monthly payments. In the end, she's paying very little for the latest phone.
    08-17-2017 07:17 PM
  2. Ca_lvn's Avatar
    Excellent deal Costco is always a good stop
    08-18-2017 09:00 AM
  3. jeffmd's Avatar
    /stopped reading at the key test...

    gorilla glass has never scratched to keys..

    enjoy your snake oil, good luck with that guarantee.
    chanchan05, BratPAQ and blaine07 like this.
    08-18-2017 05:44 PM
  4. gernerttl's Avatar
    Was it QMadix? If so, I have it too. Love it.
    08-19-2017 02:38 AM
  5. chanchan05's Avatar
    You can go at any gorilla glass screen with keys and get no effect.

    I'd rather go with tempered glass. That has at least some protection against falls.

    Plus if you believe the hammer thing, ugh.
    BratPAQ likes this.
    08-19-2017 02:56 AM
  6. BratPAQ's Avatar
    Ask the lady to try it on a non gorilla glass screen. And t she will say it only works on gorilla glass. Of course it will only work on a scratch resistant screen. 🤣
    08-19-2017 03:23 AM

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