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    He just made an video showing the comparison of the S8 to the Note 8 info we have so far.

    I do agree with him though if you don't really use the spen and already have the S8 Plus there really isn't a reason to have to upgrade. The phone is basically identical except for the dual camera.

    I will probably have an itch for the Spen, but already having the s8 Plus I'm not in a hurry to pre-order and pay full retail for it. I will probably wait until Best Buy gets the unlocked version and runs some promo on it like a Best Buy giftcard or has it on sale. If it's like the S8 then in a couple months Samsung.com and Best Buy will have promos on it.

    If the 64gb price is $940 USD as rumored I won't bite until there is a promo or sale on it.

    However, if Samsung didn't release the S8 Plus and used smaller phones for the s8 I would bite right away. I was using the S7 Edge and the screen was just too small hence why I jumped all over it. The S8 Plus is serving me well so far.

    I think Samsung would sell more Note 8s if they didn't release the S8 Plus, BUT with the Note 7 debacle Samsung needed to get a large screen model released to bridge the gap.

    08-19-2017 10:48 PM

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