1. kittysback's Avatar
    Anyone use the TPU protector? I have a full tempered glass one but it doesn't fit my cases very well. I dropped my S6 many many times with no damage but I'm paranoid with the curved screen of the S8. Any feedback either way? Thanks
    08-21-2017 02:01 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    It's gonna be VERY hard for a TPU case since the material is a lot thicker than the hard plastic ones, so they'll have to 'hold on' to something. I believe Spigen has an ultra-slim one that's a very thin, flimsy sleeve but most customer reviews say that to avoid grabbing too much on the corners, the sleeve really slips out of the phone with motion.

    If you want to use a TPU case I'd recommend you go for a non-full tempered glass protector. Even if you go for a full wet-application or thin film one, TPU cases are almost certain to start peeling off the edges if the protector is edge-to-edge.
    08-21-2017 04:05 PM
  3. kittysback's Avatar
    Maybe I will look for a non full tempered glass one. The full one I have on doesn't fit with my case. And I have a custom made skin on the back so I like a clear case... But not one too bulky. Thanks
    08-21-2017 04:09 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    The thinnest case I've found is Samsung's clear case. The only problem is that it's not really clear... it is semi-transparent with a hue that matches your phone, so your back skin might not look right. But it's super thin, fits perfectly and allows for full-screen protectors
    08-21-2017 04:26 PM
  5. kittysback's Avatar
    Thanks for the info!
    08-21-2017 07:27 PM

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