10-07-2017 05:11 PM
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  1. Indecisi0n's Avatar
    Dropping screen resolution on the phone is like buying a sports car but governing it at 55 MPH.
    09-13-2017 07:07 AM
  2. shabbs's Avatar
    Dropping screen resolution on the phone is like buying a sports car but governing it at 55 MPH.
    Heh. That's a bit extreme...
    09-13-2017 01:07 PM
  3. eric002's Avatar
    Social media and GPS are what I've found to be battery vampires. That said, battery life is one of those things that's just really hard to troubleshoot. I have my S8+ screen at WQHD+ and I can watch YouTube for 8+ hours if I set it on a playlist and do nothing else with it. But browsing Facebook and wiki walking kills it in 4-5 hours. So it's really highly dependent on your use case and your level of multitasking.

    If you're on social media a lot, there's probably not much you can do to improve your SOT. My wife has the same problem. If you reduce your social media use you'll likely see an increase in battery life.
    Unfortunately, totally right! When I used to have my Facebook account if you use the official Facebook application which is a always using RAM memory in the background and Beto's locking in GPS for tagging people, that will Slaughter your battery power. I would suggest a Facebook Lite app from the Play Store. True, it's not as feature-rich but it still gets a job done it doesn't have Facebook Messenger included in it though.
    I average over 10 hours of SOT. But I am using wifi most of the day versus the more battery consuming cellular radio. My screen brightness is NOT set to automatic and is set on the lower third of the settings range most all day too. I do NOT have Facebook installed. I primarily use my S8+ for emails (3 office365 accounts and 4 imap accounts) and for consuming news and forums.
    I know exactly what you mean. I turn my screen resolution all the way down to HD Plus which is the lowest setting and even though it keep on saying it it's the truth the naked eye at least for me cannot tell the difference the screen with the Super AMOLED display still makes images look painted on the screen and my battery lasts well into the early morning.
    09-13-2017 02:05 PM
  4. shabbs's Avatar
    Here's mine when I'm on wifi all day. Huge difference. My stats earlier were off wifi all day. Similar usage, only no Google maps as I didnt drive anywhere. Heh.

    Battery life-screenshot_20170917-231804.jpg Battery life-screenshot_20170917-231812.jpg
    09-18-2017 07:03 AM
  5. bedscenez's Avatar
    wow that android system is very low...mine is hovering around 9-10% when battery is around 5% but it's an s7 edge.
    09-19-2017 08:58 PM
  6. shabbs's Avatar
    Was able to crank out over 7 hours of SOT yesterday, which was a surprise as I was off wifi for most of the day from 7am to 5pm.

    Had about 10% left when I shut it down at the end of the day.

    Battery life-screenshot_20171004-224621.jpg

    Battery life-screenshot_20171004-224628.jpg
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    10-05-2017 07:32 AM
  7. sLithery's Avatar
    Bluetooth, NFC and AOD is off and everything is on and running on the highest settings possible (brightness~90%).
    Attached Thumbnails Battery life-613.jpg  
    10-06-2017 05:28 PM
  8. sLithery's Avatar
    More screenshots.
    Attachment 270531
    Attachment 270532
    Attached Thumbnails Battery life-612.jpg  
    10-06-2017 05:31 PM
  9. jmz768's Avatar
    I average over 10 hours of SOT.
    LOL, no you don't.
    10-07-2017 05:04 PM
  10. shabbs's Avatar
    LOL, no you don't.
    Heh. That would be something. I did get 10 SOT the other day, but man, that is rare. And need to be on wifi.

    Battery life-screenshot_20171006-234047.jpg
    10-07-2017 05:11 PM
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