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    I have my lockscreen set up where my notifications show up in the little circle like on the AOD instead of in the notification shade. I was using textra as my text message app and I was able to click on the circle notification on my lock screen and my messages would show up with the person's name and the message that was texted. Now I'm using the stock message app and I can still click on the circle to try and view the message, but it only shows the words new message. It doesn't even show the contact name. I have looked through all the regular phone settings and the message settings and everything is set up the same way as textra. Is there another way to get the contact and the message to show without going back to the regular notification shade or going back to textra ? I really liked being able to view or ignore a message without pulling down the notification shade or unlocking my phone.
    09-11-2017 03:33 AM

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