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    A few months back I upgraded to a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S8+ from a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5. Since then the S Voice App has disappeared from the Galaxy Apps marketplace and from the Gear Manager apps. I understand they did away with S Voice due to Bixby becoming the new voice app, but that leaves my Galaxy Gear 2 watch without voice capabilities. Without the use of S Voice I cannot send personal text messages and pretty much makes the microphone useless. I can text using templates or Flesky App but I would like the use of S Voice again as before. If anyone has any fixes for this I am open to anything. I tried downloading APK files of S Voice on my phone and the app reappeared on my Galaxy Gear but was having trouble connecting or would say I would need to accept on the S Voice app on my phone and when it would try it would say the app is no longer available for sale or not available in my country (USA).

    Anyone knows how I can get Svoice back up and running on my Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Tizen ???
    09-13-2017 10:59 AM
  2. mlblack16's Avatar
    you should still have it. I would suggest doing a hard reset on the gear device. I received an update within the past week which finally fixed S voice on my gear2. For quite some time, you couldn't get voice to text to work within the SMS app on the gear, so it made responding to texts very annoying.
    09-13-2017 03:37 PM

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