1. Indecisi0n's Avatar
    Is there any advantage to using a memory card to store phones and such? I have a lot of videos and pictures and wasn't sure if I moved them all to a memory card if it would help the performance/operation of my s8.
    10-05-2017 05:36 AM
  2. ABOSWORTH007's Avatar
    The main advantage to having a memory card is that you can store all photos, videos and music on it and when you switch phones, you just pop the card out and put it in the new phone and it's all theteninstantky, rather than having to copy everything to the new phone. This is a huge advantage IMO. There is something to be said about not having the memory completely full on your phone but I'm not sure about performance because I've always used a memory card on android phones so I've never come close to actually filling them up completely.
    10-05-2017 08:31 AM
  3. wunderbar's Avatar
    I would say the only big advantage is that if the phone dies you still have the photos on a memory card that you can pop out.

    But in all reality your photos should never *only* exist just on your phone. Use some kind of backup service so they end up somewhere else. Then it really doesn't matter where they live on the phone. An SD card is useful if the phone dies, but not useful if the phone is lost/stolen.

    I back up all my phone photos to 2 places, so rarely have more than a few gigs of photos stored locally.
    10-05-2017 10:27 AM
  4. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    Internal memory is much faster, so only if you can't store media and run below ~10GB free.

    Great for if you will be out of wifi or cellular, as in taking a trip and want to have books, music, video stored locally.
    10-05-2017 10:37 AM
  5. TFBisquit's Avatar
    It's perfect for photos, mp3 and videos. And those won't run faster on internal ram either!
    When your phone breaks you simply switch the card to another phone and have everything from the getgo.
    10-05-2017 01:15 PM
  6. Indecisi0n's Avatar
    All my photos and such are backed up to Google so posting those aren't really a concern.
    10-06-2017 05:14 AM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    SD cards are inherently much less reliable than internal storage, and can corrupt or fail without warning, so if you use one, make sure it's not the sole storage location for important data.
    10-06-2017 12:07 PM
  8. gernerttl's Avatar
    It really is best for storage for your videos and music (and other things). I do not recommend moving or installing apps onto the microSD card. It is not as fast as internal memory, although it is fast enough to record videos and photos, as well as watch videos or listen to music. You can encrypt the card like you can the internal memory, just be aware that if you do, you must decrypt the card before using it on another phone.

    I have a Samsung EVO+ 256GB microSD card in my S8+ and I have my entire music collection on it. It is also the default for video recording and taking photos. I haven't had any problems with music or video playback. Even with my entire music collection, I still have about 70-80GB of free space.

    The S8/S8+ is capable of using microSD cards up to 2TB. Currently the largest available is a 400GB card made by Sandisk.
    10-06-2017 03:56 PM
  9. Snappy Phoenix's Avatar
    I store videos/photos on the internal phone memory as its the fastest. Then every week, I clean out all the photos/videos taken on the phone and put them on my computer as a backup and then copy them to the SD Card. That's how I've been rolling for years. This way I get the benefit of the fast storage of the phone without filling it up, then move the pics later on to my large SD Card
    B. Diddy likes this.
    10-07-2017 05:59 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Then every week, I clean out all the photos/videos taken on the phone and put them on my computer as a backup and then copy them to the SD Card.
    YES. Thank you.
    10-08-2017 12:53 AM

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