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    I read all the troubleshooting techniques on this page, including partition cache wiping, checked audio settings, checked notification sounds, tried touching the play icon in the middle within gallery. Just to give an orgin of the issue, I recorded a skype session using Apowersoft Screen Recording software on my samsung S8+ . The first time was NOT a success but the second time was after I deleted IMO then restarted. A month later I tried to play the video within the software AND from VLC and device app and still no sound, I have tried to changed the sound format from aac to mp3 (since it is universal) and still no sound. I have also tried to connect it to a computer copy AND moved the file to the desktop, tried to play it still no sound. tried with aux cable and bluetooth and headphones...still no sound. Please advise.

    Thank you
    10-11-2017 10:30 AM

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