1. exile_stone's Avatar
    I am unable to change my profile picture on my S8+. I know there are two ways to do it, you can go through the contacts app > edit > minus button > and change the picture. Or you can select a picture > three buttons > set as profile picture. However for both of these ways I am unable to save the picture. When I click save nothing happens. If I try to leave it will tell me that I need to save the changes, again clicking on save does nothing. I am able to save my other contacts profile pictures though.

    Is anyone else having this issue? I think I read somewhere it might be cause by where I have my contacts saved but couldn't find any more details than that. I am pretty new to android so any help is much appreciated.

    Edit: I did check for any updates for my phone but that didn't work.

    Edit 2: This is also affecting everything within my profile. I just moved recently and I cannot change my home address.
    10-22-2017 11:20 AM
  2. mary beth hale's Avatar
    I was curious as I haven't changed mine in awhile so tapped on my profile pic in contacts, hit edit, chose a pic from gallery, hit save and it worked fine. Did the same thing to change it back. Wish I could help. Not sure why yours isn't saving.
    anon(123856) likes this.
    10-23-2017 11:25 PM

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