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    I have 1000's of pics on my phone. I have them stored on an SD card with a folder and naming structure exactly like on my pc so they are very organized.

    So if I'm writing a text message and I need to send a few pics.... I hit the attachment icon and it gives me the option to scroll through 1000's of pictures... totally useless.
    So, select default is 'Gallery'... which sucks less but still sucks.
    The reason it sucks is because while it will let me search my photos by folder it includes every photo on the phone... many many folders on my phone have photos I will never want to text. So I don't want to see these.

    This is one of the main reasons I use apps like QuickPic or F Stop... I can tell these apps what folders to ignore and never display.

    So back to texting... If I want to find multiple photos in the same folder this could be done in Gallery but like I said... I don't want to see all the extra folders... AND this only seems to work in the stock messaging app...
    If I bypass Gallery and try to use one of the other messaging apps I mentioned it does not work. I can't select multiple images at all in Quick Pic and even though F Stop lets me highlight multiple images when I hit the done button the only one that makes it to my text is the last one I selected.

    The problem gets worse if I want to use a text app like Textra or Mood... in these apps Gallery wont even let me select multiple images at the same time.

    If I open QuickPic or FStop on their own and select multiple images and select share then messages it will post all of them.... so why can't I do this through the text app itself?

    I hope I made that clear:-
    11-03-2017 05:43 PM
  2. DerHof's Avatar
    Just tried this in WhatsApp and it works exactly I want but for obvious reasons this can't be used in day to day messaging.
    11-03-2017 06:46 PM

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