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    Ok so I have a weird problem, my friend does business on his phone via Google search. He Google's a business and calls them but sometimes he forgets what place he called and needs the phone dialer app the show the recent call if he called before or not (I'm aware that their is probably better ways of handling this but he wants it this way so I'm just trying to help him)

    For example, He calls a +1(754)123-1234 number from Google search result

    now normally if you type in 754 the rest of the number should show up, but in this case because the +1 goes first it does not show if a call was ever made to that number before.

    (in the screenshot I show you by deleting the +/+1 symbol it shows that the number was dialed before)

    Any help would be appreciated
    Attached Thumbnails Dial Google search without country code (+1)-screenshot_20171117-024300.jpg   Dial Google search without country code (+1)-20171117_024414.jpg   Dial Google search without country code (+1)-20171117_024502.jpg  
    11-17-2017 01:46 AM

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