1. delta7's Avatar
    LOL WOW!!

    I give apple credit for keeping phones more up to date.

    I won't say android needs to get it together because when I had my HTC 10 the phone was always receiving monthly updates. It was the unlocked version.

    But Sammy just doesn't care it seems... especially for the s8 which they discounted the price so much a few months back to move inventory. I got this phone from that huge sale for 424 shipped with taxes...

    I might never see Oreo lol

    My job pays my service so I'm with Verizon now and I seen a recent Verizon update to the S8 and I was waiting on mine then I realized I have the unlocked version and not the Verizon branded S8 lol...

    This may be a while, I better look some good antivirus apps.
    11-18-2017 07:32 AM
  2. novahob's Avatar
    Same here with an unlocked UK s8! Bit of a joke really as older Samsung phones are getting the November security patch. Been talking to Samsung support on Twitter and they have no answers. All I can think is that we won't get it and then go straight to Oreo. However if so just let us know, but it's poor especially with all the recent security flaws with Bluetooth and WiFi. Last Samsung was S2 and if they don't get it together then I'll be going back to Sony or try pixel phones out.
    11-18-2017 08:26 AM

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