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    I have the Samsung S8+ and this is my first samsung (have been an iphone user before)

    I have edge lighting notification set up and when my screen is blank I a message my edge lights up and I see a notification at the top which is fine eventhough it is small.

    However, on my iPhone my notification would come on the lock screen and i could view the message and swipe to go to it.

    Any new messages would then build up on the lock screen.

    What I am asking is can I have the edge lighting to come on and not display a notification but to show the notification in the lock screen instead?

    I have turned edge lighting only to come on when my screen is on so now when the screen is off notifications come straight on the lock screen but I get no edge lighting.

    Also why does the lock screen go dark after 2 seconds it doesn't even give me time to check what I have received.

    Thanks and apologies for the long post.
    11-30-2017 07:41 AM

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