1. gsilver0's Avatar
    I'm suddenly seeing the process "audioserver" at the top of the battery usage list. It says that since my last full charger ~23 hours ago, it has used the CPU for 6h 37m 28s and has 14h 54m 5s stay awake time.

    The only program that I installed recently was Google Voice, which I uninstalled after seeing this problem, but the problem did not go away.

    I read elsewhere to disable "AudioConnectionService" but that made no difference.
    12-08-2017 11:36 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Does this persist after a reboot? If so, then I wonder if it's similar to Mediaserver issues that are related to a corrupt media file somewhere. You may want to try backing up any music files saved locally on the phone, and then deleting them all.
    12-08-2017 02:41 PM
  3. gsilver0's Avatar
    It did persist after a few reboots in the last few days.
    I do not have any music files on the device
    The only media on the device is a couple of short videos that I recorded with the camera app.

    I've deleted the cache partition this afternoon. I'll update tomorrow whether or not that stopped the problem.
    12-08-2017 02:50 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ok, try also backing up those videos somewhere and then deleting them from the phone, in case one of the files got corrupted.
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    12-09-2017 12:27 AM
  5. gsilver0's Avatar
    I figured it out:
    I had installed Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run on my phone a while ago. Recently, after finishing Jungle Run, I moved on to Fiesta.

    Jungle Run was well behaved and only drained battery when in use.
    Fiesta, on the other hand, spawned the audioserver process in the background, and a bug was causing the battery to drop off like I had been seeing. The only way to stop it was to force close the program.

    I uninstalled Fiesta Run, and the problem has gone away.
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    12-13-2017 11:27 AM
  6. mary beth hale's Avatar
    That's great
    12-13-2017 12:00 PM

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