1. drew_sf's Avatar
    With the current Samsung trade-in promo I can get $400 back for my Note 5 which brings a new unlocked S8 to $300. I just picked up a Pixel 2 and plan to use that as my phone so I don't plan on using the S8 or any other Samsung phone. It seems the trade-in offer from Samsung is too good to pass up but I don't need a new phone.

    Should I just take the trade-in offer and get a S8, S8+ or Note8 and sell it on swappa? I always keep old phones as backups but never actually use them again so I really don't need to keep the Note 5. The other option would be just to put the Note 5 on swappa and see what I can get for it.
    12-10-2017 12:46 PM
  2. sweetypie31's Avatar
    I say try swappa and see what you can get. Doesn't make sense to get another phone you don't plan on using unless you are going to sell the new phone.
    12-10-2017 02:57 PM
  3. drew_sf's Avatar
    Well yes that was what I was thinking. I would get a S8 and then sell it.

    What's the more popular color and would attract more interest, midnight black or coral blue?
    12-10-2017 05:02 PM
  4. StayClassy101's Avatar
    if you are looking to sell, most individuals I know looked for the orchid grey and couldn't get it. so maybe there is a market for that while reselling the black s8 will speak to most who just want the phone.
    12-10-2017 06:08 PM

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