1. Bmaria12's Avatar
    Should I backup all of my photos, contacts and apps to the sd card or the internal storage? I am preparing to switch from a galaxy s7 to galaxy s8 and want to transfer all of my 6000 photos, and all of my apps without having to download them one by one.
    12-13-2017 10:09 AM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    Your photos should be backed up to the SD card.
    Your apps will come back if you use Smart Switch on the new S8 with the OTG adapter and cable.
    Also your contacts and SMS will be backed up if you use the Samsung account.

    Best is to backup on your Samsung account and use the adapter/cable and SmartSwitch on the new S8.

    Good luck.
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    12-13-2017 10:30 AM
  3. mary beth hale's Avatar
    Definitely yes to Smart Switch and Samsung cloud. Also may want to try SMS Backup & Restore app. What you have on your SD card should show up when you plug it into your new phone.
    12-13-2017 10:41 AM

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