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    I am having small light leakage issues exactly above the s8's front camera and iris scanner. Also found it on all the sides of the screen. At some places it is more but at some places it is more brighter light ( for e.g. just directly above front camera and iris scanner). There has been a long debate going on over internet whether this is a defect or light refraction and will this affect dust/water resistance ?

    Some people advise to replace the device having this issue, when they get a replacement they have this issue in it too.
    It would be really helpful if any Samsung Staff could officially check it in his/her S8 and with this colleagues about this and reply.

    P.S. : The light leakage is more visible in a dark room, with a white background on screen and on full brightness. (Just for reproducing this issue).

    12-15-2017 11:44 AM
  2. Yuvalhad12's Avatar
    It happens to me too, and I have seen people discuss about it all over the web.

    I guess we should relax and that this is probably light reflection, nothing to worry about..
    12-15-2017 01:34 PM
  3. Pr0Ankit's Avatar
    Three different replies from Samsung Live Chat Service of different countries :

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    12-16-2017 09:34 AM
  4. Ankit9989's Avatar
    And here is something more to add :

    12-16-2017 11:08 AM
  5. Pr0Ankit's Avatar
    EDIT : Visited two different Samsung stores and tried their S8, S8 plus live demo units. Issue is in the retail units as well. I guess I will not waste my time anymore to visit the service center because they can sign a replacement for my device only from the store where I bought my device and the issue is in their live demo units as well.
    12-17-2017 04:01 AM

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