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    Hello, I have a Galaxy S8 Active with T-Mobile as a carrier. I was setting up my apps into folders and inadvertently added the wrong app to a folder, so I pointed to it and chose "Move from folder." When I went back to all the apps, I could no longer see that one. In swiping around, apparently I did the same thing--or something--to a few other folders and now THEY are not there either. I switched Easy mode and could see all my apps, so started to re-create my folders. But when I switched back to Standard mode, my T-Mobile and Samsung folders were still missing. Any ideas how to get them back? Thank you!

    ETA: I think I found the solution on my own. After switching from Easy mode back to Standard mode, all my apps had re-appeared. It's just the folders that remained gone. I had to re-create them all (including the ones that came WITH the phone--T-Mobile, Google, Samsung) but I did and it now appears as though everything is back in working order.

    Just in case anyone else runs into this issue, I'll leave my question (and subsequent answer) up, if that's okay.

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    12-28-2017 01:23 PM

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