1. Tcarver1's Avatar
    I bought a Galaxy S8 Plus on Black Friday, back in November.

    Originally I did have simple little ads showing up around my home screen that were shaped like little inconvenient ornaments hanging over apps and such I needed to access but they weren't overly inconvenient because they'd disappear after a minute.

    Today I've recently has an Ad for something called "Protective Circle" and it's persistent.

    It pops up on my home screen, it pops up over my Samsung pay, it pops up when I access any app, and it DOES NOT HAVE AN 'X' CLOSE BUTTON. So you have NO choice but to click the screen, to which it will then take you to 'Play Store' and the app in question.

    No matter what I've done (i.e. downloaded browser ad blockers, Samsung pop up blockers, etc) it continues to show up and make me inconceivably angry.
    02-06-2018 05:24 PM
  2. ruggedhunter's Avatar
    You've either got an app with adware (uninstall or buy pro version) or you've given your phone the e-clap (stop watching so much porn on your phone).
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    02-06-2018 05:28 PM
  3. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    Should have done factory reset originally.

    Amazon sells done phones and you know up front if there is advertising.

    Once installed blockers are no help. Malwarebytes, maybe.
    02-06-2018 07:39 PM
  4. filanto's Avatar
    try DNS66 but you should clean it completely to be sure
    02-08-2018 11:54 AM

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