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    Fault with some S8+ of using too much data. Some faulty screens etc. Dont think ur dreaming its real. I only noticed after my bills increased then after searching i have found there is an actual fault. i know i have tried to reduce usage by ur usual trouble shooting. It is a fault. Get your fone looked at by a samsung tech or go to ur place of purchase with receipt etc. This is my second S8+ the first one completly stopped working not allowing me to access any email nothing retail *** tried tech help asked to access my fone still no good. Vodafone au then gave me a number to call (which vodafone help line dont no number or anything about what company they use. Only the store you bought it from can gve it??Why??? I called it which the guy said its best to use insurance due to hidden other costs. I took his advise i asked vodafone in store to help me which they gave me a pamphlet saying online onltly yet again not a vodafone insurance company & is a ripoff and basically you have to send in at your cost with no loan fones. They lie say u have #2 options pay $300 for a replacement or $150 to fix they say it has to be looked at 1st. I told them its faulty i dont want the same probs i requested a new one payed $300 yet i only got a refurbished one. Only to have faults again very soon after. Be awear vodafone au have a policy that once u buy a fone and u open it and it doesn't go even 1min after opening you have to pay $150 to get it fixed through an anonymous company they use for faulty fones. yes ur brand new fone open for even 1min) or go through their shady insurance company not vodafone whos customer service not only are unsure of how their own company works. Make u think ur buying a new fone $300 or $150 for it to get fixed after you pay to send your fone far away with no loan fone, even though i requested the brandnew fone paid then email sent saying ur refurbishment fone is on its way $300. I done this and now have another faulty fone which drains the data only noticed after 3 months if high bills then the screen failed on me it freezes alot. Now what do i do now. After calling vodafone they are sending me through the same process ill prob pay $300 get my old faulty fone. I told them they dont care. Iv been charged $800 too much they wont take any responsibility to help me and the others i have found with same prob which samsung knows so does exist. Get this horrid truth vodafone told me if u have a faulty fone open out of box for even 1min you will have to send to faults then pay $150 if u get ur fone back and its faulty u will have to pay and send again, then if its still faulty they cant guarentee a free fee or replacement. This is my 5th fone i always get the latest fone every two years never have i had to use my insurance or had a fault. I have been a loyal customer of vodafone for 20years.
    02-22-2018 05:18 AM
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    Not sure if you're railing against Samsung or Vodafone. Regardless, I don't think abnormal data usage is a widespread issue with the S8/S8 Plus phones.
    Sorry you're having so much trouble.
    02-22-2018 08:24 AM
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    And as far as getting a refurbished phone, not a new one, I'm sure that if you read the "insurance" papers, you';ll see that they promise to replace the phone, not to send you a new one. Your phone is used, so it's replaced with a used one. (If your phone is new, Vodaphone will probably replace it with a new one - at least it works that way in the US - if the phone is under 2 weeks old, it gets replaced by the seller with a new one.)

    You have to understand the terms of the instrument (the "insurance" - which it actually isn't) you buy. And you have to understand the workings of the phone - these aren't old-fashioned landlines that any 5 year old can learn to use properly, they're computers that happen to be able to make phone calls. Some people just don't get it.
    02-22-2018 12:23 PM

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