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    Hello everybody,

    I've recently came back over to Samsung from my Xperia Z5 Premium which was absolutely brilliant when it came to games, however with the S8+ I'm having some strange issues which I can't quite fix.

    Playing Injustice 2 the menu audio is horrific and crackles and when in battles the game seems to have mini freezes for a fraction of a second at points that are noticeable.

    Another game I play is Football Master 2018 which is a basic football sim game, when viewing a simulated match the action starts to slow down progressively to an absolute crawl, then goes back to normal, then repeats and so on.

    At one point I also noticed that youtube had began to microstutter every few seconds but a restart seemed to have sorted that fingers crossed.

    I've got the phone in game mode atm, and through the game launcher I've tried normal and high performance of which neither seemed to make a difference. Being a brand new phone I have zero other third party apps installed other than Facebook messenger, blizzard and steam authenticators, a banking app and sky sports live score update centre. It's through Vodafone I have it.

    Any ideas or is this to be expected.
    02-22-2018 01:36 PM

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