1. zunaer's Avatar
    is it possible to just restore my contacts and messages when i get my galaxy s8 next week? just the messages and contacts no apps and stuff
    02-25-2018 05:52 AM
  2. badcat's Avatar
    Sure. Just make sure you back them up first. I use the SMS Backup and Restore app to handle sms and mms. You'll need to install it on your old device and create a backup then install it on the new device to restore it. Contacts are backed up to Google if you sync them. Or I'm sure you can find an app to back them up. Then when setting up your new device just select "set up as new device" (or something to that effect) and don't restore any previous backups.

    Personally I always like to set up a new device "as new". I always like to start clean.

    You *might* be able to that with Smart Switch as well. I'm not sure how granular you can get with it.
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    02-25-2018 01:03 PM

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