1. CellyPhoner's Avatar
    I watched a video on 100 things to like about the Note 5 and I was blown away what you can do with a note producitvity wise.

    Now clearly you lose the pen and notes in the S8, Id like to know the differences in productivity features, with there being so many is there any website that lists them side by side?

    Its all very daunting as the Note has too many features to remember and compare.
    03-08-2018 03:59 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hi there,

    You don't lose notes, but you do lose the S-Pen in the S8. And THAT is a huge thing for some of us. However, bear in mind that while big, the Note is still a fairly small device compared to an actual notepad, so it won't feel as 'nice' as, say, a Tab S3 for note-taking. But you can do A LOT with that S-Pen, and the precision it adds, is a very welcome feature that makes it worth the price hike.

    Another thing you lose if you go to the S8 line is the dual camera (or gain it back if you go with the S9+). RAM and battery differences, obviously, and screen size if you go with the smaller S8.

    As for features, the Note 8 and the S8 line have mostly the same ones, except for those that are S-Pen-specific, like live hover translation, magnification lens, web previews, S-Pen launcher, etc. You can find some replacements with a 3rd party app for the S8, however, although they won't feel as 'integrated' as in the Note 8.

    Are there any specific features you're interested in? We could help figure out if those would be in the S8 or if that's a no-no unless you go with the Note.
    03-08-2018 04:07 PM
  3. CellyPhoner's Avatar
    No I was just blown away by the Note 5. To be honest I dont like the S8 due to the Edges, I didnt like it on the S6 and now both back and front are curved and Glass, I think Samsung have done a Steve Jobs there and placed perceived Aesthetics over Industrial and UX design. I prefer a flat front panel.

    Initially I was just looking at a Note 5 while I wait for the Nokia Sirocco to come down in price after its released, so 9 months or so. The note 5 is about $400 here, where the 8 is $1200. Of course thats used vs new, but that doesnt worry me as I only source quality used goods. But then I saw the S8 is $850 and though hmmmm. But I also dont like 18:9 as I dont like side bars and I want all my real estate to be a movie, huge netflix addict haha.

    The Note 8 doesnt add much over the 5 for me, so maybe Im best to stick to the 5 for now, especially as its getting Oreo. We dont have carrier models here, all unlocked, so will be a direct Samsung download.

    I usually prefer stock android phones like Nokia, but the current line up whilst nearly bang on first attempt back just missed out for me, where the Sirocco is bang on what I like in a phone, and its the best looking phone imo, not that it matters too much to me, thats why I like the note 5, function over form.

    Cameras are unimportant to me, no smartphone camera IQ is good enough for me to use outside posting to facebook in which case very few people care too much about IQ of your holiday pics etc.

    Im ultimately awaiting MS to release Andromeda Continuum to replace my ultrabook, desktop and mobile in one device. Originally it was MS10 to run on all 3 platforms, which it did and I loved windows 10, definitely the most professional mobile OS, but now they bought and buried Lumia so they concentrate on 1 device, which makes sense and is the way people are heading, look at Dex for example. Running ultrabook level hardware in a mobile will be a game changer. Of course some people will need a computer for power. There Surface series really has buried Apple back to the 80s when it was embarassing to tell people your parents bought a Macintosh. Ive noticed 3 Sci Fi shows now using Surface Books and Surface Studios, where up until recently it was almost a given it would be a poorly designed macbook, which hasnt been refreshed in nearly a decade now and calling the 13 Pro is really insulting to anyone trying to do anything professional with it.

    Sorry rant over hehe, just giving an idea of my timelines and what I want to acheive. Who knows I might like the Note 5 so much I skip the Sirocco and hold out for MS... which may never arrive in which case I will have to find some other device.

    Thank you :-)
    03-08-2018 04:25 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I was there with you with the curved edges, but they work...trust me. And it looks beautiful. Maybe it wasn't as good on iteration one, but now they've made them really well. I loved the curves, and can't look at a 'flat' phone and not yearn for the sexy look of the curved edges, to be honest. But your mileage might differ depending on how dead-set you are on having flat screens/bezels.

    As for the size, most Netflix content plays full-screen on the Note 8, so that wouldn't change on the S8/S9. You can also force the image to fit the screen, albeit losing some of the edges of the original stream. You can also get a Note 7 FE for around that price if you feel like the Note line appeals to you but the Note 8 is too expensive.

    As for the Surface, yes, I agree, it's a much more powerful OS but their hardware is still bulky. If they ever match the body of an iPad or a Tab S (even the Windows version of that is a lot thinner than a surface, but still bulkier/heavier than the Android line) then they'll be able to trump Apple. Until then, the iPad Pro is a pretty good compromise for many (personally I prefer the Tab S3 over the iPad Pro, but Apple does have the 'better, more tablet apps' advantage there).
    03-08-2018 05:04 PM
  5. CellyPhoner's Avatar
    I see what you mean, the S8 is very similar with productivity but not quite as precise.

    Aside from the SOC sd845, will the galaxy s9 add much difference?

    I really dont understand why they had 2 releases so quickly. Or at least it seems rather quick.

    Do you mean the Surface Book? Its a full fledged notebook 2 n 1. Quad Core i7, 16GB Ram, gtx1050, 3000x2000 resolution, IR windows hello scanner. Nothing in apple competes with anything in the surface line.

    When you are talking small, thats what Andromeda Continuum is about, clam shell double screened phone that docks autonomously to a screen. Think 2 galaxies hinged, with PC powered CPUs, that are the same thickness as one galaxy.

    The only reason to own an Ipad Pro is if your are an artist, I admit the 120hz screen is nice, but it doesnt have a productivity based OS, if it could use OSX it would make sense, but as it is, its an ultra expensive tablet with a nice screen. Its a dying market.

    Tablets have moved on to 2 in 1s, like the Surface Pro, which again uses proper computer CPUs, ie intel. Its screen again is very nice, and it can be used as a notebook. Yes the iPad pro has a nicer screen but its not practical as a computer, it cant run full version lightroom or premiere pro etc.

    If you grew up in the tablet age and believed the Apple propaganda, or are not a power user, old school tablets like the iPad pro probably still make sense, but they dont for professionals. The Surface Book is the most complete 2 in 1 computer on the planet, the surface pro is the most useful 2 n 1 computer, the Surface Studio is unparalleled by any other device, and soon the phone will replace all 3 for 90% of people at home.
    03-08-2018 05:04 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    No, not that quick...it's been a year haha. And they'll keep doing that, it seems... an S phone around this time, a Note one later in the year. Until we stop buying them haha.

    As for the S8 vs S9, yeah, not a lot of difference other than processor power and fancy double-aperture camera (but you'll have to go to the S9+ for the double lens). Oh, and the better FPS placement (I still hate that it's on the back, though, no matter where you place it).

    Obviously a few S9-specific gimmicks like the AR Avatar thing and camera-specific modes will also differ, but it sounds like you wouldn't be too impressed with those anyway. S8 should already be cheaper or it will be soon after the S9 is released.

    I had the Note 5 and the 7/8 DOES make a difference. So if you must go Note, but don't want to shell out the cost for the 'latest', then I'd suggest looking into the Note 7 FE.
    03-08-2018 05:08 PM
  7. CellyPhoner's Avatar
    they dont sell the 7 fe here :-(.

    yeah $1200 is too much, the note 5 is $400. i know there will be a difference, but software changes are minimal and there is a Note S8 launcher for the Note 5 if you really wanted those features.

    the main thing is its an in between phone.

    i really hate curved edges. i dont know what their function is, and as for aesthetics i think they are ugly. kind of looks like a big plastic soap bar hehe. and there is the function that both sides are glass, not a smart move by samsung designers. id love to agree with you but i just cant hehe. im an industrial designer turned software user experience (UX) designer by trade and I just hate when form is put ahead of function, ie macbook pro 13 2010. i find the edges distracting from my eyes when watching movies. the partner had one, i really tried to like it.

    my other choice is a v20 new, now it has the best hardware of any phone, quad dac, dual track audio pro recording, sd821, 1440p LCD that rivals OLEDs (of course the oled will win on the blacks but its actually not bad for lcd), quality head phone jack for the quad dac audio player, and finally it looks to be getting oreo but they putting the v30 first due to the dual screen the v20 is quite hard to code for. its $450 new here. the v30 $900.

    the v30 has the benefit of being hdr10 compliant and p-oled but loses some of the hardware due to water proofing.

    but i figure a used note 5 for the same price while not giving me the audio experience will give me samoled (all be it not as good as the new one).

    speaking of netflix, how does netflix do 18.5:9, im sure samsung must stretch things there. that would be naughty hehe.

    i never buy current gen flagships i just cant justify the cost of a PHONE for the price of a motobike.

    with asian market phones growing popularity and the decrease in upgrades (down 15%) i think we may see apple and samsung have to bend to the market eventually. for example the mi 6 is identical to the s8, except its lens (which let its photos down ugggh, but same sensor) and it even is quicker than the s8 in testing, it costs $450 here, the s8 is $950. so the s8 is maybe 5% better max, that doesnt justify the $500.

    being a designer thats where i thought the note could be useful for me until andromeda (which one screen will be stylus driven for input/keyboard etc, but you will be able to use both screens for whatever).

    if the s8 note didnt have curved front edges i might be tempted to go against my beliefs hehe.
    03-08-2018 06:31 PM
  8. CellyPhoner's Avatar
    The note 8 is HDR10 compliant. grrrr lol
    03-08-2018 06:40 PM
  9. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Most Netflix content is NOT 16:9
    03-08-2018 07:03 PM
  10. SpookDroid's Avatar
    03-08-2018 07:03 PM
  11. CellyPhoner's Avatar
    Most Netflix content is NOT 16:9
    aside from netflix made content isnt everything 16:9? its not 18.5:9 either though hehe.

    youtube is definitely 16:9, i mean thats blu ray ratio so it stuck to tvs, laptops, now phones.

    i dont get 18.5:9, i dont find it easier to hold, harder, and making both sides glass is plain stupid from a design perspective. although it does increase revenue lol.

    in saying that the new s9 is a different curve gradient and side by side the s9 does look better, its more like the sirocco in fact, i could handle that, just not its price here, $1500 would you believe. OUCH haha.

    hdr10 or dolby vision is a big plus for HDR content. i wish there was a way to search netflix for HDR. there is an HDR 4k youtube site, the 4k HDR xperia premium looks flappn unreal with some of those videos if you get a chance to use one. probably the inkiest of all LCDs outside the v20, but 4k hdr looks amazing and whilst i usually cant tell 4k from 1080p on tvs, suprisingly on the xperia its obvious.

    actually thats the phone style i like the most, that or the le eco le 2, a flat metal back, metal side and glass front, just feels like quality that wont break.
    03-08-2018 07:35 PM
  12. GTZR's Avatar
    Note 8 looks less curvy so I'd go with the note if $$$ isn't an issue.
    03-09-2018 04:37 AM
  13. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Also, again with the 16:9 ratio... not necessarily. Yes, TVs have 16:9, BUT if you look closely, content isn't. A BR or DVD disc will output on that ratio, but most of the time (at least on newer content) you'll see black bars, albeit thin ones (compared to watching 16:9 content on a 4:3 TV). And content that doesn't, is usually cropped ever so slightly from the original source material. From Wikipedia, "The most common aspect ratios used today in the presentation of films in cinemas are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1" (so yeah, even those don't match TVs or phones, but it's closer to the 'chocolate bar' ratio).
    03-09-2018 12:01 PM

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