1. rbarnes65's Avatar
    Has anyone recieved the Sprint update yet? I have the S8 plus and still no update.
    04-03-2018 05:10 PM
  2. almath's Avatar
    04-03-2018 05:49 PM
  3. rcollins00153's Avatar
    04-04-2018 05:32 AM
  4. rbarnes65's Avatar
    I wonder how I might go about getting the update on my device?
    04-04-2018 08:53 AM
  5. indysteve9's Avatar
    Indianapolis, got mine.
    04-04-2018 09:20 AM
  6. al3azim's Avatar
    Yes, Received the original update and even a 2nd update after that 2 days ago. I think the 2nd one was more of a security patch update but it also added the video wallpaper on the lock screen similar to the S9. You can set a 15 sec video as the lockscreen wallpaper now.
    04-04-2018 10:24 AM
  7. rbarnes65's Avatar
    I got it this morning.
    04-04-2018 11:30 PM

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