1. NotificationNeeds's Avatar
    I follow a certain person on Twitter and have my notifications set so when they tweet, I receive a notification. This works all day without a problem, but at night it just doesn't work. I really would like to be awoken by this certain person tweeting so can anyone help?

    I have a super loud notification tone so I'm positive I'm not sleeping through it.

    Do not disturb is completely off.

    Twitter is set as a priority app to still send notifications even if do not disturb was somehow on.

    It definitely doesn't have to do with my Twitter settings, because it works fine during the day. It's just something about the phone being inactive for hours at a time that puts it in a somewhat sleep state I guess? I don't know because I'm asleep. I really need these notifications to work 24/7 so please anyone help!
    04-15-2018 08:16 AM
  2. Essa Kidwell's Avatar
    When you set your notifications do you wake up to notifications on your bar and you just didn't hear them because you were...sleeping?

    While you're sleeping your body goes through several states of REM sleep that filter every 90-120 minutes. Some of these stages are pretty deep. I've slept through alarms, music, arguments, etc etc.

    I mean, I guess you could try hooking your phone up to Alexa or a speaker while it charges overnight? This way when your loud notification comes up, it will be super loud?
    04-26-2018 03:59 PM

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