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    I dropped my S8 a while back, and naturally, it cracked. There's no dead pixels or damage to the LCD, but it's cracked across about 15% of the screen including a few pieces of glass missing on the lower righthand corner. I've been using it fine, with no loss in functionality, for the past three months.

    I'd like to get it fixed for aesthetic purposes. I am in Hawaii and people here suggested me to visit stores like TCAWireless and few others. Should I go? Please help.
    06-12-2018 03:12 AM
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    You definitely shouldn't try to do it on your own. You might find little price difference between the glass and the whole screen, because it's a lot more difficult to replace the glass than it is to replace the screen, so you pay less for the glass than you do for the screen, but you pay a whole lot more for replacing the glass than you do for replacing the whole screen. And unless someone has used the shop to have a glass replaced and has had good luck with the phone for months, I wouldn't let them replace the glass. Get a few recommendations from those people who have had the glass replaced, then get an estimate for both ways, and you decide. (But if you can't find people who have had them replace the glass, I'd go with the screen repair.)
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    06-12-2018 02:26 PM

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