1. wpatters1229's Avatar
    I want to install a messenger app that will allow unique ringtones for individual texts coming in like they used to have before the latest upgrade...
    I installed Android Messenger and did all the settings for making it the default etc.. When i go to the text messeges icon on my home screen a message pops up asking me if i want to change the default messenger app and only gives me OK or Cancel. I say Cancel and it goes to the old messenger app. I tried it with Textra and the same thing....it always is showing this alert screen asking about setting the dafault to messenger (the app that comes with the phone). Why does that message come up and why is it impossible to change from the default messenger to a third party one?
    I have set the 3rd party app as default and then all it does is keeping asking me about making the default messenger that came with the phone the default...WHY???
    08-06-2018 11:38 PM
  2. sweetypie31's Avatar
    there's an update for the old messages app that will give you the ability to assign ringtones per conversation . it's no longer per contact like it used to be. you just have to update the app.

    when that message comes up it's asking if you want to set the current app you are trying to use as the default. click yes and it will not come up again. the only way it will reset back to the app that comes with the phone is if you keep pushing the texting icon that goes to that particular app and not the icon to the third party app you are trying to use.
    08-07-2018 07:51 AM

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