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    Hi, I have a Galaxy s8 and have a problem with battery drain overnight. I charge before I go to sleep to 100% and by the morning (7 hours later) it is down to 30%......thats a loss of 70% while doing nothing.

    I do not have AOD on, only things running are wifi, 4G and bluetooth which is connected to my Gear Sport watch, I shut down all apps before I go to sleep, I have also cleared system cache, tried restarting too.

    This has just occured in the last week or so and before battery life was very very good. I may say that I have just purchased a Samsung fast charger and have been using it for just over a week, before I was just using a normal charger (not fast), so maybe this has something to do with it??

    Here are some pics of my battery use from overnight.

    Any help would be great, as I have tried everything.

    Terrible overnight battery drain (with pics)-screenshot_20180909-102148_settings.jpg
    Terrible overnight battery drain (with pics)-screenshot_20180909-102052_accubattery.jpg
    Terrible overnight battery drain (with pics)-screenshot_20180909-102108_accubattery.jpg
    Terrible overnight battery drain (with pics)-screenshot_20180909-102103_accubattery.jpg
    Terrible overnight battery drain (with pics)-screenshot_20180909-102021_accubattery.jpg
    09-09-2018 05:09 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    Wow, bummer. 1st, delete that Accubattery app, then clear your cache partition and reboot. That is probably your problem. Android does not need 2nd party battery savers. They cannot save battery life more than the onboard os, and it's definitely at the top of your usage list.
    To then see battery usage go to Settings, Battery, Usage.
    Your fast charging is not related.
    Good luck!
    P. S. Additionally, unless you have a reason for it, turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios.
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    09-09-2018 10:24 AM
  3. wsteele1983's Avatar
    Yeah I had battery drain before I even downloaded Accubattery. I downloaded just to see if it said anything different.

    Bluetooth is on to connect to my Gear Sport, and wifi has always been on since I bought the phone.

    It doesn't drain during the day, only when left alone during the night!
    09-09-2018 02:19 PM

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