1. Wbutchart's Avatar
    One thing I always heard about Samsung phones is they grind to a halt and need hard resets. I've never hard reset mines, not even after Oreo upgrade and it still runs really really well.

    Was curious if this is other users experience too?

    Having an iPhone previously at this point in its life (18 months) I would notice bad slowdown and the battery struggling.
    10-16-2018 07:30 AM
  2. gendo667's Avatar
    This was a problem with previous Samsung phones. In recent years Samsung's software has been a pretty smooth experience.
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    10-16-2018 08:21 AM
  3. anon(123856)'s Avatar
    I've had an S8 and an S8+ and have never seen any "lag" either. I did do a hard reset after the Oreo update but it was more to see if it fixed anything than anything else as I was on the beta. It really didn't seem to make any difference. I have had zero issues since I've been on Oreo. I'd like to see more frequent security patches but outside of that I've been satisfied.
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    10-16-2018 03:51 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Note 3s (2 of them) since 2013. Never noticed any slowdown that needed a reset. (Although they've been reset many times - I like to try new ROMs.)

    BTW, "lag" means "large ping times" (on the internet, of course). What you've heard about, even if it's called lag, is just the phone slowing down - due to any of a few things.
    10-16-2018 04:35 PM
  5. mark7914's Avatar
    The only time I had to hard reset the phone was when I wanted to stop it updating itself. It's quite tricky, you have to do things in a certain order, quickly after the startup, to accomplish this and disable "Software Update" and a stack of other things.

    Before I reset it, it was slower. The slowing down coincided with the appearance of the "Oreo is now available" prompt. It doesn't have to be updated, the phone merely seems to need to know that an update is available and the device then starts slowing down. I could reproduce this with several resets noting this each time.

    Unrelated, since the phone doesn't now update - the phone does get slower with use and benefits from an occasional reboot to restore performance. You might call this slowing down "lag" because it makes the phone seem latent to respond to presses and actions. However to answer your point: it does not need a complete reset to "fix it".

    Having had the phone since January 2018 I think it's pretty much identical now to how it was out of the box. It should be since it is identical, the OS software is as shipped and I think they got the S8 and Android 7 pretty much right in the first place.
    10-19-2018 05:33 AM
  6. tube517's Avatar
    I have had an S8+ since June 2017 and it's been so smooth and I have a ton of apps. Using the Samsung stock launcher and I've had no lag at all. This phone performs extremely well.
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    10-19-2018 07:23 AM

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