1. chileboy's Avatar
    Like the Title says - until about a week ago, if there was a phone number in a text message (I use Message+), it was highlighted and I could simply tap it to dial the number. That no longer happens, isn't highlighted nor clickable.

    Did I inadvertently change a setting somewhere? I've looked and I can't locate anything.

    10-16-2018 01:49 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If it's not anywhere in Message+'s settings, it's not anywhere. Check them again. (If there's a "download" <anything> automatically, turn it on and check a message with a linked phone number. (123 456-7890 is just numbers a space and a dash, they won't normally be "linkified". Texting is supposed to be plain text - 128 characters for Latin [the alphabet we use for English], 256 characters for Unicode [languages with diacritical marks over letters]. [Minus about 31 characters in each set, because they're "non-printable" characters.]) If you're being sent links in MMS, you have to tell the app to automatically download attachments or whatever Message+ calls it.
    10-16-2018 04:19 PM

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