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    I have an international dual SIM version of the S8 that I use for traveling. I have a US T-Mobile SIM that worked flawlessly overseas up until I installed the September 1, 2018 Security patch around September 14th. I never had any issue connecting to local providers in any country that I visited before this update.

    After the patch install, my T-Mobile SIM will no longer connect to any provider overseas. I get no data icon and the phone usually says "Emergency Calls Only".

    I have tried resetting my network settings, getting a replacement SIM from T-Mobile, and clearing the cache. I really don't want to do a factory reset if I don't have to.

    Anyone else have this issue after that security update? Any ideas on how to fix it?
    11-01-2018 10:25 AM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    Contact T-mobile
    11-01-2018 10:29 AM
  3. jersno's Avatar
    Contact T-mobile
    I assumed people would be able to put 2 and 2 together and get that I did because I mention getting a new SIM in my first post. Same problem with the new SIM.

    T-Mobile doesn't control any international carriers, so there is nothing they can really do about that. It also isn't an T-Mobile branded phone, so no help there either.

    My ATT SIM in an iPhone 8 works on all carriers overseas, so I don't think it is a local carrier issue as far as towers being down or anything. Now if overseas carriers have some beef with T-Mobile.. It is possible.

    Maybe a coincidence that it stopped working immediately after installing an Android update...? I am doubting that.
    11-01-2018 01:29 PM

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