1. C LaBelle's Avatar
    I have a problem that I would like to solve and I believe I can do it with either a task or an nfc tag. I'm a junior android user which is why I'm asking. The aftermarket stereo in my truck is supposed to auto connect to my phone via Bluetooth when I turn the truck on, but it doesn't. I can manually connect with no problems. This is annoying. It takes my stereo approximately 35 seconds to boot up. My habit is to get in, place my phone into my cradle, and start the truck. Can I write an nfc tag to put in my cradle so my phone will wait 35 seconds then connect to my stereo? This would be very helpful and if someone could give me an idea I would appreciate it! Thanks!
    12-01-2018 10:31 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The Bluetooth in the phone will connect to any device it's paired with - as soon as it sees that device. Try removing the truck from the phone and the phone from the truck, then pairing them again, paying careful attention to what both of them are saying. If you miss one stop, you may get something like "manual connection but no automatic connection". Hold the phone up to the truck radio, so you can watch them both at the same time. (Like, you may get a number on the radio, and the phone is asking you if you want to pair with that number, so you say yes - but you missed the "press Volume to continue" on the radio screen.)

    I can sit in my car with my phone in the cup holder, with Bluetooth enabled, then turn the ignition on and after a few seconds, they connect to each other. But after pairing the first time, I lost pairing! And had to pair again. Bluetooth still isn't ready for prime time.
    12-05-2018 04:12 PM
  3. C LaBelle's Avatar
    Thank you for the reply. I have tried everything you have suggested and it still does not connect automatically. It will successfully pair with the radio and shows that auto connect is selected, however it still never connects. I have tried this MANY MANY times. I have to manually connect if I want them to connect. That is why I was thinking of using an NFC tag or tasker to force it for me. I have written a few NFC tags before but cant seem to find a function like I am looking for. I have downloaded tasker app but its a little confusing.
    12-07-2018 07:39 PM

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