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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 through Verizon. Over the past few months. I am not receiving notifications for picture texts only. I am using the Message + app.

    I receive regular texts just fine. When someone sends a picture. I do not get a notification of the text. When I open the app, then the message shows and the picture downloads.

    For example. Someone can send me a picture text at 3pm. It will not notify me of the text. If I open the phone app @ 5pm. The picture text comes through then and says I received it at 3pm and it never shows a notification. It just started happening over the past few months.

    Phone is up to day. I have cleared cache. Uninstalled/reinstalled Message +. I have deleted pictures and old texts.

    I cannot find a solution to this. What is my next step?
    03-04-2019 09:15 PM

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