1. Cagulo's Avatar
    After an update (couldn't tell you which one) the phone is stuck at the "draw pattern" bit and I can't power it off since the screen doesn't recognize my tapping.

    Holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons reboots it but to no avail. Safe mode does nothing as well and I've googled for some tips but what I can find refers to phones that do turn on and have slow touch screens.

    Mostly I'm waiting for the battery to drain so i can try to Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons method but until then is there any thing I could try before heading to the store tomorrow?
    03-19-2019 03:15 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It's odd that Power and Vol Down don't force a shutdown. Are you pressing and holding those buttons for a good 20 seconds until the screen shuts off?
    03-19-2019 08:51 PM

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