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    I'm having problems with the latest, massive update.
    1.Theme colors:
    At first my theme colors got all messed up to the point that it was unusable but removing it and reinstalling fixed that.
    Text message notifications:
    When ever I get a single text, the notification on the text button at the bottom of the screen tells me I have 7 messages. If I have 2 messages, it tells me I have 14, etc.
    Would changing themes correct this?
    2. Unread text messages:
    When I go into the texting screen, at the top of the screen, it indicates the correct number of unread messages (also at the bottom between the words "Conversations" and "Contact"), but the unread text, I'm guessing are too far down for me to find them so the number never goes away.
    How do I just see unread messages? They used to always be at the top it seems like.
    3. Change default text color in email:
    This isn't an update issue but, why can't we change the default text color in Samsung's email? As much as we pay for these phones, it just seems like we should be able to.
    04-24-2019 10:02 AM

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