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    Yesterday before bed I was using my phone's screen as a flashlight to find my charging cable before bed. Not sure why I decided to use the screen instead of the built-in light, but while adjusting the screen brightness, the phone appeared to crash. It locked up, the screen went black, the indicator LEDs went out. I've tried soft resetting a dozen times with no help. There's no response at all from the phone -- it doesn't even get warm.

    The phone was at a 50% plus charge when this happened. Putting it on a regular charger does nothing; however connecting it to my PC gives the familiar tone that a device was connected. While trying to do a soft reset, my PC recognizes that the phone reboots by signalling the disconnection and connection tones right after one another.

    My PC only detects that a device has connected, it doesn't identify that it's my phone. Usually it will automatically open my phone's media folder.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

    My only thought is that maybe it's still "on" and to let the battery die; however, in it's hibernative state I'd die before it would.

    Edit: The LEDs will not light up at all. Holding the power button for 20 seconds has no effect; there is no tone when it's connected to the computer to indicate anything happened. I tried another soft reset after doing the simulated battery pull which still gave me the tones.

    Assuming the problem is software, is this something I can have fixed at a Verizon store?
    05-03-2019 07:36 AM
  2. Pastychomper's Avatar
    So the LED doesn't light up even when plugged in to a charger? That along with the blank screen suggests the problem is software, either that or a sick motherboard. Normally the LEDs will light even if the screen is dead or missing.

    Have you tried the simulated "battery pull" (hold down the power key for 20 seconds)? That is supposed to be more drastic/effective than the usual soft reset. Try it while plugged into the computer so you can hear if anything changes. (I think it leaves the 'phone off if it works.)

    As for the computer identifying the phone, would it normally do that even if the phone is locked, hibernating etc? (I don't plug mine in often, and when I do I have to do something with a popup before it lets the computer have any kind of access.)
    05-03-2019 08:17 AM

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