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    Hi all...hope you can help. I have an S8 and I use an external SD card reader to download images to my phone. I am a hunter and go out in the field and download the images from the SD cards to my phone through an external reader that plugs into my charger port. I used to see the DCIM folder and everything worked perfectly for years and can pull images from the card to my phone to save them. However, I recently noticed that I can't see the images on my new cards. They are normal SD cards so I can some tests. So I took a trail cam at home, captured some images and then used a reader that came with the camera. But this is just a reader and you can't save and I would see them. Then, I went to my computer, and I could see them. Then, I plug the card into my external device that I have always used for my phone and I don't see the DCIM folder at all. And then the goofy part it's like the folder is just gone. I go back to my computer and card reader that came with the camera and nothing! Its driving me crazy! Could it be the cards? I mean, I see images but then on my reader for my phone, I don't and they disappear. Never did this to me before and I have used this reader for my phone for years. Help???
    05-23-2019 08:37 AM
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    Okay - I'm assuming that when you first look at the card in the PC, there's a DCIM folder, and under that at least a Camera folder? (Or something else with a 100 in the name if the trail camera is an old one?) And that once you put it into the phone, the DCIM folder disappears?

    It can't be that the card is larger than the phone can handle, because the phone can handle cards up to 2TB, and the largest card at the moment is 1TB, so we can forget that.

    Samsung did that once before, corrupting cards that were put into S3s after one particular update, so I wouldn't rule that out. (If the card is a SanDisk, you can contact their tech support - chat live in retail support on the right. They modified their cards to get around the problem that time, before Samsung fixed the problem.) If it's someone else's card, Settings. Then put feedback in the search box and tell Samsung.

    (And if you have missing files on one of your cards, that you didn't back up, PhotoRec will find all files on the card, deleted or not. (It doesn't even know if they're deleted or not - it looks for files, it doesn't look in the file structure for file names, which is how storage normally works. Granted, you don't get the names back, just generic file0001.jpg, file0002.jpg, etc., but it understands what type of file it's recovering, so the extension is correct, and you can look at it and rename it.)
    05-23-2019 01:27 PM
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    Maybe your years old card reader for the phone is bad. Not quite understanding your sequence with the pc.
    05-23-2019 07:28 PM

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