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    Its such a crazy thing to find the right stuff for a new phone...came from an old m8 that worked great and still does but time for something new so got the s9+ ..Now 2 issues pop up right off the bat what are you going to do about a case..thats were things get nuts there must be 2 dozen case makers and each one of them have anywhere from two to dozens of models but out of all them options there is like 2 places that have a belt clip holster specific for case..really!!! seidio and otterbox i used the first on all my other phones but there selection is ugly as crap now so went with otterbox defender which i dont mind but not used to side clip..i like the top clip better on seidio...but anyhow so i got the alpha glass for this stupid curved screen deal and have it on there as good as its gonna get..looks good but has issues not tight tight makes clicking sounds some loss of response etc..seems like all the glass makers have same issues..but that whitestone dome one looks slick low and behold it doesnt work with defender case...well **** all kinds of other cases it will work the same ones that dont have a holster for..what the hell! who wants to carry a block in there pocket? so i was thinking of still getting the whitestone and grind on it a smidge to make it work must be damn close just so it doesn't touch that snap on ring...anybody try dremel grind the glass?...i see one site said somebody ground the corners of the case...that would look like hell unless a black case might be hard to tell..mines white show up like sore thumb...but if ya trimmed the glass...is it possible to do that without it splintering or something?
    03-31-2018 09:40 PM

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