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    It seems like every time my phone does and update (just got the bog one yesterday) my read/delivered receipts and the bubbles showing the other person is typing stops working. Eventually it either starts working again in a few days or Android does a patch or something but there's always several days to weeks where it no longer works after an update.

    I have an iPhone through work that I have to use. I don't care for it but I am required to use it for work. I will say, when it does updates, seemingly every other week, I've never seen that function stop working on it. So why does this seem to always be the case with my S9?

    I've already verified that my advanced messaging is turned on. The read/delivered receipts should be working but they are not. It's gotten so that I dread the updates now because I know this function will go away after it's done.
    09-24-2020 10:48 AM

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