02-26-2018 08:43 PM
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  1. Kingstoler's Avatar
    I'll stick to the Note 8. The S-Pen adds a lot.
    09-17-2017 09:35 AM
  2. Nemesis-X's Avatar
    Only if the S9 is >$2000
    09-17-2017 10:33 AM
  3. default_generic_android's Avatar
    I'm going to keep my Note 8 for two years. Will consider upgrading when the Note 10 is released.
    09-17-2017 11:09 AM
  4. MakeMeUp's Avatar
    I'll be keeping my Note 8 for two years no matter what, if I somehow damage it, i'll just get it fixed and keep it the full two years.
    09-17-2017 11:18 AM
  5. MikeLW1984's Avatar
    Note 9
    09-17-2017 11:30 AM
  6. Makad's Avatar
    I'm note getting a Small anything, only the note for me. Not thinking about up grading until the note 10, unless the N9 is foldable
    09-18-2017 01:35 AM
  7. ThrottleJohnny's Avatar
    I don't see it being much of an upgrade. It will likely have dual cameras maybe 6gb ram but from what I've read it will only have 4gb. Some are saying it might be out as soon as late Jan or Feb. Finger print reader might be on the front again but I'm thinking it will be similar in design to the s8 and Note 8. hardly an upgrade.
    If the S9 returns to a flat screen like the rumors I have heard, it will be interesting to see if that makes a difference.
    09-18-2017 01:49 AM
  8. Anthony Martins Rock's Avatar

    Note 8 = s yayyyyyy :-))))
    S9 = no s pen nayyyyy :-(
    Note 9 = s pen yayyyyy :-) !!!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Will you buy the s9 or stick with the Note 8?-screenshot_20170917-073925.jpg  
    09-18-2017 01:53 AM
  9. chyeo1979's Avatar
    My next phone will be at least Note 10 or LG V50 two years later.
    09-18-2017 02:25 AM
  10. Blues Fan's Avatar
    If the S9 returns to a flat screen like the rumors I have heard, it will be interesting to see if that makes a difference.
    Hopefully the Note 9 has a flat screen then!!!!! I wonder if they will drop the cost of the phone too? Article to read about the cost. I don't want the phones to be any thinner though. I like a beefy device.

    Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Screen Sizes Tipped – Expected to Boast Brand New and Crisp Display Technology

    I hope they go back to flat screens. I hate the edge screens.
    09-18-2017 02:56 AM
  11. o4liberty's Avatar
    I hope to get at least 2 years if not more out of my note as long as the battery lasts.
    09-18-2017 06:21 AM
  12. Iva_LadyDiCaprio98's Avatar
    I will keep the Note 8 til Note 10. I honestly hope they don't go back to flat screen. The whole infinity experience looks so much better on the edge screen!
    09-18-2017 07:37 AM
  13. CTREV21's Avatar
    I'll probably wait till the note 9 comes out. I have a S8+ for now. Hoping the Note 9 has any upcoming camera bugs worked out, better dual cameras and finger print scanner on the from of the screen. But I guess we'll have to wait to next year and see what happens.
    09-18-2017 09:44 AM
  14. CTREV21's Avatar
    Will you buy the s9 or stick with the Note 8?-samsung-galaxy-s9-concept-design_149526927130.jpg

    09-18-2017 09:48 AM
  15. Nakrohtap's Avatar
    Personally, I think the "flat screened phone" ship has sailed for Samsung. It's time to move on. I can't picture a bigger phone at this point either.
    I don't know where the flat screen rumors originated. But, I do recall a story a couple of months ago about Samsung ordering the same exact sized display sizes for the 2018 lineup.
    09-18-2017 10:44 AM
  16. Tony9ball68's Avatar
    Stick with note8 definitely, 1st time note user but loving it and the s pen, so will definitely wait for the next note
    Rose4uKY likes this.
    09-18-2017 10:55 AM
  17. brau0303's Avatar
    I would have skipped the S8+ if the Note 7 mess had not happened. I am all about the Note and the Note 5 was a good (still very usable device even today) but it lacked some things I wanted. I most likely will pass on the S9 in favor of the next Note.

    09-18-2017 11:16 AM
  18. jb4kats's Avatar
    I have to laugh here. S8 plus users got chewed out when they said the note 8 is a s8 plus with a s pen. And your saying the s9 will be a note 8 without a s pen. Too funny.
    Well there are physical similarities but it has its own wow factor and until you've had both you cannot compare the two. Just because they are "wrapped" the same doesn't meant the contents are the same. I frankly was getting tired of hearing they were the same, "why are you wasting your money", you have a S8+ is the same phone but just has the S Pen, that is so stupid"! And I did hear that a lot. I replied to them that if we wanted to get into how they spend their money then we can do that, otherwise let's not go there.... I haven't heard another word.
    09-18-2017 11:28 AM
  19. rpboronat's Avatar
    I have used all the galaxy S from S2 till the s7 Edge. I have bought the Note8 and all has changed. In my job I use a lot of notes. Today I have take some notes with the Spen and it is marvellous. This mobile is different. It works fine and very quick. Very Interesting for bussines people. I would not change to other mobile untill see something different. I have write this message with the Spen writing the words. It's Incredible.
    09-18-2017 04:16 PM
  20. Deke218's Avatar
    Samsung may skip the 9 and go straight to the SX. And Note X. Of course we saw what happened when they skipped the Note 6.
    kj11 likes this.
    09-18-2017 04:20 PM
  21. durandetto's Avatar
    If they introduce some new exciting features in the s9+ I'll consider using JOD to switch then switch to the note 9.
    09-18-2017 04:24 PM
  22. RSindian's Avatar
    I'm sticking with this Note 8 and then upgade to a Note 9 when it comes out next year.
    09-18-2017 05:25 PM
  23. SilverEagle7210's Avatar
    No, and if the Note 9 doesn't have features that add value to my life, I'll stick with the Note 8 till they come out with another one with features I both need and use. I no longer upgrade just because it's the new one, new doesn't necessarily mean better for me.

    I don't see any other phone but one with a stylus as an option. When they took my Note 7, (actually they just disabled it so I had to turn it in) I would have chosen an S7 or the Apple phone if it was better than my old Note. Those of us that use the S-pen several times a day are not understood by those that don't use the pen. They see it as just a phone. But I depend on the Note for business. It's nice to be able to fill out and sign contracts directly on the screen. Also I can annotate or mark out parts of the contract I disagree with, or make notes directly on other documents.

    Also I prefer using the pen to take notes, everything from what I need at a store, to notes during a meeting. Gotta have that pen!
    09-18-2017 05:57 PM
  24. Old g's Avatar
    Wait for the note 9 have a s8 plus an note 8 I'm good for now
    09-18-2017 06:29 PM
  25. LegalAmerican's Avatar
    After the Note 7 fiasco, I downgraded big time to the Note 4 and held out for an entire YEAR for this Note 8 to come out. There's not a freaking chance I would give up the Note for some S-series device. There really isn't anything they could do to convince me to jump from the Note to the S line. Of course, this thread is obviously aimed at the people who do not use the Note like a Note and never use the S pen for actual productivity. Because no one who does that would even consider the S devices this far out from any official release or even reliable leaks.
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    09-19-2017 09:59 AM
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