1. Beth Hahn's Avatar
    So I'm doing the pre-ordered from best buy friday for the s9 and I have a S7 active turns on and works, no cracks in the screen and charges fine...now downside is the body is fairly beat up (I bought it used) the screen does have some surface scratches and it also if you push on the top of the phone by the ear piece it cause the dreaded pink line to appear but then it fades away so I'm hoping to sneak that past them since it'll probably be used for parts anyways...but I'm curious just how picky they are when it comes to the condition of trade ins? I stopped by a Best buy and girl I spoke with told me that as long as it powers on and works I'll get the full 300 credit despite it being beat up but this girl was also filling in for one of the regular mobile Dept people so idk how much she really knows about that...so just looking to see if anyone here might now how the process goes...
    02-28-2018 09:41 PM
  2. tcdude's Avatar
    I traded in my S7 edge last year all i can say is that they won't give you full value of the phone, my S7 edge was in perfect shape and the girl working there even recommended that I keep it and sell it privately, but being that yours is beat up a little it may be more worth it for you especially if they offer 300 for it, keep us posted
    02-28-2018 10:58 PM

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