1. AlexiM's Avatar

    Tried to search the forums but came up empty, yeah, new phone so not that many problems being reported yet.

    I got my brand-spanking new S9+ yesterday and was pretty excited about the phone. It all came tumbling down today when I started to notice that the battery would not charge.

    I tried different kind of chargers that I had lying around but none would charge the phone. It would just say it's charging but the percentage would not go up.

    Left it to the shop for repairs. Decided to open a chat with Samsung rep. Unfortunately they where not that interested. They just said "Sorry" basically and would not take any info regarding the situation.

    It was a pre-order phone here in Finland. Just hoping that the battery-fiasco from few years back is not occuring again in a different from.

    Anyone else had problems?
    03-09-2018 10:40 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Do you have any Samsung Support centres near you?I found them great here in Australia.. Try a wireless charging pad to rule out the type C usb socket...
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    03-10-2018 07:41 PM
  3. AlexiM's Avatar
    Actually, the wireless charging was one I did not test. Did not actually thought about it!

    It's on it's way to repairs on Monday so let's see what they find. Yeah I talked Samsung support but as I said before, they just did not want to have any info about it, nor did they ask any specific questions. Oh well, could have been just a bad rep.

    I'll definitely tell more when it's in the shops. Still a bummer that I flagship phone dies in 24 hours and it did not even leave the house
    03-11-2018 04:55 AM
  4. Kayza's Avatar
    I'd seriously consider returning it if they won't exchange it. You can always buy a new one...
    03-11-2018 09:47 AM
  5. Tim1954's Avatar
    Yes, those phone reps are hard work and don't seem to know much... You can't beat face to face interaction.
    I hope it works out for you, at the very least they should stick a new battery in. Or replace the unit. I see a few issues starting to emerge on here already, like you say, not a good sign for flagship device.
    03-11-2018 09:06 PM
  6. AlexiM's Avatar
    Oh I wish I could talk to them face to face! Nothing has happened in the maintanence but let's see.

    Hope they'll just replace it.
    03-14-2018 08:31 AM

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