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    The new Samsung text app does NOT allow swiping to call or text a person when on the text page like before on my S8! You now have to go to Phone or Contacts only. Can't swipe the person anymore on the actual text page.

    Also, on the S8, when writing a text that you want to delete or made a mistake, there was a menu option on top right (3 bars) that when clicked showed several options including "Discard". NO longer on the S9. On top right now (3 dots, not bars), when clicked, it now shows "Album", Recipients, Add recipients, Block number". No longer can you "Discard" a message you were writing or wish to delete.
    03-13-2018 05:59 PM
  2. robertkoa's Avatar
    Yes! This is odd .
    It means when you look through text messages and decide to call one of them-

    You can NOT just call them from that page !

    Samsung should add this to phone App update

    ANOTHER 'eccentricity' is the Main Dialer Screen has no way to hang up or end a call.

    Normally it goes to another screen which DOES have a red icon to end call...

    BUT on certain merged calls when dialing the 'new person' you ARE on the 'Main Dialer Screen'.

    So you SOMETIMES have to go to another screen to end a call.

    Also on Alpha 850M and Note Series- IF you go on the Internet during call or hit HOME button - the Call Auto Shrinks to an Icon which can be touched again to expand -or not.
    Pop Up during call etc.

    SIMPLE FIX for Samsung to UPDATE DIALER APP -thanks .
    Attached Thumbnails S9 Samsung text app doesn't allow left/right swiping to text/call person on text page-screenshot_20180712-091632_contacts-01.jpg  
    07-21-2018 06:53 AM

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