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    Besides PIN and fingerprint scanner, are you using (if you are) face recognition, iris, or intelligent scan?

    I was excited for the intelligent scan however, while it unlocks in more environments or lighting conditions compared to Note 8, at regular indoors lights on condition it seems to unlock at in about 2 seconds or about the same speed than the note 8, however after the last update that said they improved face recognition I turned on face unlock (and that turned off intelligent scan/iris) and it is extremely fast.

    I like to use double tap + swipe to unlock as it it had no password and it unlocks everytime before I finish to swipe almost immediately after the second tap on the home button. It also works at an angle and at a larger distant, for example if my phone is sitting at the wireless charger at my desk and I double tap home button it unlocks without having to look directly at.

    I know is less secure and won't work in the dark but I am thinking about leaving just face unlock since it's so fast in normal day environment. Also most of the time I just use the fingerprint scanner which is also faster than the note 8 and I'm happy with the new position
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    03-19-2018 07:21 PM

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