1. kotza's Avatar
    've deleted and reinstalled messenger about 3 times now AND cleared the cache and I'm still getting the same issue. It seems to he only a messenger issue as I have no connection problems with any other of my tens of apps and have full bars and 4G.

    Anyone experiencing this problem?

    I've also barely been able to reach 4 hours SoT so could this have something to do with it!?
    03-23-2018 03:57 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Messenger has always had that random issue on a lot of phones. It's not just you. And remember, Facebook has publicly admitted that they randomly and purportedly introduce bugs into certain apps/accounts to test reactions and user interaction. When this happened to me it went away after a couple days. But truly annoying. Also, yes, FB apps are usually battery hogs (especially if you get a lot of notifications). Most people opt to uninstall and live with the web version and have reported much better battery life on their devices.
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    03-23-2018 04:48 PM
  3. Abbers727's Avatar
    Facebook messenger has already made me re-log in at least twice since I got my S9+.
    @SpookDroid ,

    I always log out after using FB app. But I guess that still may not matter in terms of battery hogs. I don't always get a lot of notifications. I've tried using alternatives that are less of a battery hog for Facebook but there's always something that bothers me with the web browser version or Facebook Lite, or other FB app alternatives. Same goes for Messenger lite. So I just deal with the battery hog.
    03-23-2018 10:27 PM

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