1. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    My 3 year old was playing with fridge magnets while my wife and I prepared dinner. She ran to to me with 2 quarter sized magnets and of all the surface area of my body decided to put them square on my phone. Seems fine but wanted to get some feedback. There isn't a magnets dish drive so should be fine right
    04-07-2018 05:40 PM
  2. Scott Currence's Avatar
    Most new phones use magnet to trigger case features etc. Will not hurt modern devices. I had a Moto droid x2 that used magnets to tell the phone when it was in the car dock or desk dock. And a bunch of phones use magnets for dash mounting.
    04-07-2018 05:49 PM
  3. dov1978's Avatar
    You'll be absolutely fine. Magnetic car mounts are very popular these days and they do no harm. The only issue that might arise is your phone's built in compass might go haywire when a magnet is present but that's about it
    04-07-2018 05:51 PM

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