1. MrDoh's Avatar
    I've been using the Samsung theme "Material Black". After having to do a factory reset on my phone, and reapplying the theme, it is clearly messed up. There's a vertical whitish line along the right edge that's about an inch long, the icons are bigger than they should be, and some of the colors are wrong. I can't use it the way that it is, too messed up.

    While I have no idea how this can happen, is there some way to refresh the themes on my phone? I can re-apply the same ones that are there, and that gives the same broken result for "Material Black"...I really liked the original look of that one, and am very unhappy that it's gotten broken somehow.

    Does anyone know of a way of refreshing the themes themselves? I flushed the cache on the "Wallpapers and Themes" app, as well as deleting the data. Re-applying the theme has the same broken results.

    Any help? I don't see how a factory default reset could cause this...seems almost like the firmware has gotten corrupted somehow?

    04-17-2018 12:21 AM
  2. bIOforger's Avatar
    Has it ever worked properly on your s9/+? if not, it's probably the theme being incompatible with oreo.

    Try black onix or material dark (i use black onix, no issues). There are plenty of other decent free black themes too.

    Try one of those, do they work? If they do then material black must not be compatible.

    I cant test material black as its a paid for theme and I don't want to pay for it if it is indeed incompatible
    04-17-2018 05:18 AM
  3. bIOforger's Avatar
    Or it could just be an issue with your screen :/ Is it ok without a theme applied?
    04-17-2018 06:12 AM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    I had no issues on my GS9+ on AT&T.
    04-17-2018 09:54 AM
  5. MrDoh's Avatar
    Well, worked through the various problems. I had the edge menus disabled before the factory reset and restore, so I found out that the short white line was the edge menu handle *smile*. Removed that. The icon size issue has been resolved...turns out it depends on how you arrange the icons as to what size they are. I think that the size of the icons is triggered by how many icons you have in the bottom row that appears on the bottom of all the pages...if you put 4 icons there, the icons are all larger, with 5 they're the size that I'm used to. The color problem that I was seeing was related to the volume widget that comes up when you turn up the volume. I was used to seeing it be orange, but if Samsung doesn't deem it to be too loud, the scale is blue instead of orange. Since I set the volume for my outside walks by a road, I'm used to seeing it be orange all the time *smile*.

    So it was all me not getting the "subtleties" of the theme, and never having seen the edge menu handle. It's working as I expect again, thank goodness. I was starting to doubt the nature of reality and other philosophical places that one doesn't want to go *smile*.

    04-17-2018 02:42 PM
  6. bIOforger's Avatar
    lol user error ok, glad you got it sorted, you can make the edge panel completely transparent btw, so there's no need to turn it off if you want to still use it. This is also handy for screen captures, so that the edge panel isn't included in the capture.
    04-17-2018 03:19 PM

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