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  1. Tammy Grace's Avatar
    I was just wondering if the chargers I got were fake.
    Also attached photo of genuine charger out of the box.
    I ordered them from mobile zap and have attached photos as well as some wall chargers I'm unsure about as well. I'm worried about this as while I was using one to charge my tablet (using correct out of box cable and shorter wall plug) it got very hot and didn't actually charge but charged later using a different wall plug.
    Attached Thumbnails Fake chargers?-20180421_185413.jpg   Fake chargers?-20180421_185537.jpg   Fake chargers?-20180421_185842.jpg   Fake chargers?-20180421_190111.jpg  
    04-21-2018 05:11 AM
  2. jgreg02's Avatar
    read the small print on the wall plug. The one for fast charge will have two output voltages. one will be 5 and the other higher, probably 9.
    04-21-2018 07:07 AM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    Not sure. I can't tell from the pictures. The bricks on the bottom one do look... different.

    With charging stuff I always ensure to snag from reputable places / sellers on Amazon. Just don't want anything wonky when it comes to electricity.
    Laura Knotek and Tammy Grace like this.
    04-21-2018 11:53 AM
  4. Tammy Grace's Avatar
    Thank you. Which bottom one do you mean? Sorry about the photos. Have attached a clearer pic of the back of chargers.
    Attached Thumbnails Fake chargers?-20180421_183946.jpg  
    04-21-2018 07:36 PM
  5. chanchan05's Avatar
    The white one in the middle at least got the markings right. The S6 and S7 shipped with white fast chargers.
    04-21-2018 10:31 PM
  6. ScottsoNJ's Avatar
    the 1 on the left is from my new S9+ the 1 on the right is from my old S7 EdgeFake chargers?-20180423_141040.jpg
    04-23-2018 02:20 PM

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