1. Goose80's Avatar
    I got S9+ and I am happy with it, but there are some things that are not so good.

    When I receive Custom made AR Emoji from my friend it looks like this:

    AR Emoji on S9+ has bad quality when receiving SMS-2018-04-27_10-01-34.png

    At his end it looks good. Any one know why this happens?
    Ow btw. The same happens when I create custom emoji and send it to my friend. It is then good at my end but not at his.

    04-27-2018 04:05 AM
  2. Indecisi0n's Avatar
    I really liked the idea of the AR emojis especially to entertain my nephew's but I feel like it was an after thought by Samsung. The tracking/detail is horrible. Being that Apples AR emojis we're taking off you would have thought Samsung would have put more time into the feature to compete.
    04-27-2018 06:44 PM
  3. DrummerATL's Avatar
    The update of the AR emoji eliminated a bunch of different male hairstyles. There is no longer an option between totally bald and hair. Why would they give us an update that offers LESS? dumb.
    08-22-2018 06:05 PM

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